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Ethics, Insurance and Artificial Intelligence
27 April 2021

About The Course
The insurance industry is an industry based on trust and the need to act ethically and with integrity underpins that trust as well as being a key theme of insurance regulators around the world.

The insurance industry is also rapidly adopting new technologies such as artificial intelligence in order to improve our analysis of risk, make us more efficient and improve our service to customers.

In this workshop we discuss both the impact of artificial intelligence on the industry, the ethical challenges it poses and how it and the data on which it is based can be used in an ethical manner ensuring our customers are treat fairly.

Course Content

  • What do we mean by “ethics”.

  • The increasing role of the use of big data and artificial intelligence in the insurance industry.

  • Ethical challenges arising from the use of artificial intelligence to price risk and manage claims.

  • How the insurance market can use artificial intelligence in an ethical way.

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A Practical Understanding of General InsuranceUnderwriting and Claims Management
3-4 May 2021

About The Course
In this course, participants will be able to describe and understand the fundamentals of underwriting and the functions of overall claims management concepts and procedures.

Course Content

  • Introduction to underwriting
  • Underwriting process
  • Underwriting ecology system
  • Pricing
  • Challenges
  • Case Study
  • Claims management concepts and procedures
  • Outsourcing of claims functions
  • Claims estimating and reserving
  • Ex gratia and fraudulent claims
  • The role of litigation in claim process
  • Approaches to complaint handling and dispute resolution
  • Bank Negara guidelines on Motor and Non Motor Claims
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What’s New in Cyber Insurance
5 May 2021

About The Course
Cyber insurance is a relatively new insurance product and the cyber insurance market is a very dynamic market. This means that the products and services offered by cyber insurers continue to develop almost as quickly as the type and nature of cyber attacks on organisations around the world.

In this workshop, we will discuss recent developments in cyber risk and cyber insurance.

Course Content

  • Recent developments in cyber risks and threats

  • Developments in cyber security

  • Examples of recent claims

  • Update on cyber insurance market

  • How cyber insurance coverage is evolving

  • How cyber insurance services are evolving

  • Next steps

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Social Selling in A Post Pandemic World
6 & 25 May, 18 & 28 June 2021

About The Course
With The rise of social media, technology advancement, economic growth and fast-changing lifestyle has reshaped the views... information. This includes reshaped relationships between brands and consumers, CEOs and employees, and even sales professionals and consumers.

And with Insights and Thought Leadership becoming the new commodity, leaders, experts and sales professionals have the opportunity to become the visible experts and ambassadors of their brands through the power of social media. Welcome to the new era of Thought Leadership, Sales & Brand Building!

In such an unknown and uncertain era, how do we, as professionals, learn to leverage the benefits of social media and thought leadership to promote ourselves and build a steady pipeline of sales as an expert and thought leader in this industry?
Citing enlightening research and real-world examples, our “How to Become a Thought Leader” series of Masterclasses provides participants with a detailed methodology for growing their influence, sales and expanding their customer base via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

PopCon’s “Social Selling In A Post Pandemic World” course will take you from social zero to social hero using our proactive and practical approach, giving you and your team a strong grounding and skill set to enter the world of social!

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19, 20, 24 & 25 May 2021

About The Course
This course provides the basic knowledge of the concept of reinsurance, fundamental reinsurance principles, basic types and operation of reinsurance, overview of the development of the reinsurance market and the necessary historical perspective to understand the current practice. Participants will also learn the basic process of reinsurance underwriting, claims and accounting as well as the basic approach of reinsurance programming. Participants will gain the basic necessary working knowledge that will equip them to perform their role and help to enhance their skills and competencies.

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Most Fraudsters AreLaw Abiding First - Time Offenders: How Can Insurers Prevent Claims Fraud in a Digitized Environment
24-25 May 2021

About The Course
The program will look at psychological profiles of fraudsters in claims and underwriting, in life and P & C insurance, in a digitized insurance process.

The positive economic impact of preventing claims or dishonesty in UW applications is demonstrated based on findings from psychology and consumer behaviours and preliminary cost-benefit analyses.

Robust fraud fighting methods are examined to prevent honest consumers from committing fraud.

The need of insurers to strengthen its fraud risk control framework is highlighted within the fraud triangle: Opportunity, motivation and rationalization.

The program underpins insurers’ advantages of building a robust fraud prevention that forms the first pillar of a comprehensive fraud protection framework.

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Understanding The Risks and Designing Insurance Programmes for Online Retailers
27 May 2021

About The Course
Although online retail is an increasingly mature market, the scale and importance of online retailers in our economies continues to grow, particularly in the light of changing consumer behaviour during the global pandemic.

Although they are still retailers the nature of their risks and the insurances online retailers require differ significantly from bricks and mortar retailers or the bricks and mortar arm of online retailers.

In this workshop we use a case study approach to contemplate the risks faced by an online retailer and then use our insurance expertise to build and design them an insurance programme to protect them against these risks

Course Content

  • Nature and growth of online retailers

  • Key risks and exposures of online retailers

  • How online retailers control and mitigate their business risks

  • What insurance policies do online retailers need

  • How to design an online retailer’s insurance programme

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