PREMIER SERIES: Best Practices in Arranging the C.E.C.R Policy Cover for Your Completed Infrastructure Risks
25-26 October 2021
Introduction to General Insurance
27-28 October 2021
Understanding Death and Its Correlation to Ailments for Effective Claims Management
27-28 October 2021
A Practical Understanding of General Insurance Underwriting and Claims Management
8-9 November 2021
Foundation Course in Risk Management
10-11 November 2021
Treaty Reinsurance Contract Wording
16-17 November 2021
Understanding Vessel and Insuring Marine Vessel Part 2
15 October, 2 & 16 November 2021, 11,18 & 25 January 2022
Directors & Officers (D&O) Claims, Wordings and Trends
2 November 2021
1 1
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Certification in Mastering Sales
26 October, 19 & 30 November, 9 & 14 December 2021
10.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. (Malaysia Time)


Bill McDermott, LUTCF, LLIF
​Global Performance Solutions Group – Managing Partner & Lead Consultant

John Lensi, CLU®, ChFC®, RHU®, REBC®, CMFC, LLIF
​Global Performance Solutions Group – Managing Partner & Lead Consultant

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A Beginner’s Guide to Safeguarding the Microsoft 365 Suite

Join Rubrik and an Australian business, BMD, as we dive into the Microsoft 365 suite. We will go through the ASEAN & ANZ market, best practices, how to use the suite, avoiding data loss pitfalls and will showcase how easy it can be, via a live demo.

#DiscoveringInsurance Campaign is an initiative by The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) to help promote the insurance industry as an industry of choice for job seekers. ​The main objective of this campaign is to disseminate knowledge and create awareness about the insurance industry and the various professions that play integral roles in creating products and services that protect customers andbusinesses against risks.​

​With the support of industry associations, this campaign will help the industry grow with the best talents. ​

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To ensure continuity of service and to better serve you during these times, we are continuously finding new and efficient ways to engage and assist you.

These are the Customer Service Channels that we have made available to keep us connected.

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Are you aspiring to become a Loss Adjusting Professional?

You will be one step closer to achieving your dream when you register for Basic Certificate Course In Insurance Loss Adjusting (BCCILA)!

MII welcomes new enrolments for the October intake, so don’t miss this chance!

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Want to become an Insurance and Takaful Brokers?

Don't miss your chance to register for Basic Certificate Course In Insurance and Takaful Broking (BCCITB)!

MII welcomes new enrolments for the October intake, so don’t miss this chance!

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Certificate of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (CMII) &
Associateship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII) Level 1 and Level 2

October Intake is now Open for Registration
(Registration Closing date : 21 October 2021)

Certificate of The Malaysian Insurance Institute

Associateship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute
Study Mode Option: Self-Study or Virtual Class Learning
Subject exemption may be awarded for prior learning (qualification related)
No time bar (study at your own pace)
Enhanced assessment methodology - combination of course work and final examination
Enhanced Syllabus with localized contents and practices

e-CMII Registration

The promotion fee of RM 400 is extended
till 15 December 2021
(for January 2022 examination session)

Grasp this opportunity now!

New Fee of RM 600 will take effect on 1 January 2022

Fellowship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (FMII)

Looking forward to move towards the highest professional qualification?
Come lets join us to know more about the Fellowship programme to achieve great heights in insurance !!!
  • The MII Fellowship programme is designed to assist insurance practitioners across all sectors of the insurance and takaful industry to enhance their career prospects.
  • It is the culmination of a structured learning programme after completion of the Associateship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII).
  • It includes planned acquisition of skills and knowledge which will form an integral part of the personal and professional development programme.
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Looking to advance your career in the insurance industry?
Check out MII’s Recommended Role Based Learning Pathway!

MII’s structured learning path is designed for insurance professionals to acquire and master the requisite levels of technical knowledge and competency to perform their role effectively and efficiently.

Through the experiential learning journey in the Associateship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII) programme, insurance professionals will be better prepared to face the unique challenges in the business environment, as a competent, skilled and experienced professional. So to stay ahead and make your mark as a true insurance professional, this learning pathway will help you gain relevant and critical insurance fundamentals to advance towards higher order technical knowledge.

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Check out MII’s Customised Training!

Customised training is often associated with higher spending budget. However, taking a one-size-fits-all approach to training may not ultimately meet business goals.

At MII, we work closely with our clients to develop targeted and relevant training content specially designed to meet our client’s unique business needs. We also deliver customised programmes at a time and location that suits our clients, which is a cost-effective way to train groups of staff and enhances the learning experience.

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New Membership Categories for MII Qualified Members!

In recognition of member qualifications and commitment towards professional excellence in the industry, we have revised the criteria for Individual Membership categories as follows:

CertMII : A holder of MII professional certification (CMII-General, CMII-Life, Professional Certificate in General Insurance Underwriting, etc) is eligible to apply or upgrade to the new category, MII Certificate member which come with post nominal designation, CertMII. AMII : A holder of AMII Level 1 or DMII (old framework) is eligible to apply or upgrade to the category, MII Associate member which come with post nominal designation, AMII. SnrAMII : A holder of AMII Level 2 or AMII (old framework) is eligible to apply or upgrade to the new category, MII Senior Associate member which come with post nominal designation, SnrAMII.

All the above categories will qualify for a digital badge for you to display your post-nominals, competencies and announce achievements online.

Click HERE to see other recognised qualifications for each category and apply for your membership accordingly.

Note: Recognition of these new qualifications is solely for membership purpose only and there will be no changes to the qualification awarded.

Special Promotion
MII-ANZIIF Dual Membership for MII Graduates

From now to 31 December 2021, you can APPLY, RENEW or REACTIVATE the dual MII-ANZIIF membership by paying for a one year subscription fee and get to enjoy a membership period until 31 December 2022.

ANZIIF Membership MII Professional Qualification MII-ANZIIF Membership: Bundled Annual Fee
Fellow CIP Fellowship of MII AUD450 (save AUD 225)
Senior Associate CIP Associateship of MII Level 2 / AMII AUD400 (save AUD 200)
Associate CIP Associateship of MII Level 1 / DMII AUD380 (save AUD 190)

Existing MII-ANZIIF members who have renewed their MII membership will be charged lesser from
the bundled fee.

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October Promotions

For new Member Registrations only!

Get complimentary access to MII e-Learning modules worth RM600 when you register as a new member.

This offer is valid for new registrations beginning May 2021.

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MII Membership Exclusively for Insurance Agents!

MII invites all Insurance Agents to join the MII Membership for the opportunity to network with industry top leaders, influencers and other personnel by participating in MII events or professional programmes. Applications received during the promotion period will be valid until December 2022. The next membership fee will be due in January 2023.

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Membership Renewal & Reactivation Promotion 2021/2022

Waiver of admission and or readmission fee of RM50 and upgrade fee of RM100 for applications received between June and December 2021. Applications received during the promotion period will be valid until December 2022. The next membership fee will be due in January 2023.

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Cyber Insurance Collaboration
Ransomware has a stranglehold on the insurance industry. According to NCC Group, ransomware attacks increased 288% in the first half of 2021 alone, and as these attacks surge around the world, the impact on the already-hardening cyber insurance market has been severe.
Read More
How Insurance Actuaries Can Make The Digital Leap
Using a combination of qualitative research, economic modelling and a survey of 4,300 global executives, my colleagues found that digital leaders across industries—including insurance—are growing five times faster than digital laggards. But the research also found that we’re not in a “digital winners take all” situation (yet, at least). Some organizations have jumped the digital gap and broken previous performance barriers. We call these “Leapfroggers.”
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How to Avoid Procrastination and Laziness: 10-step Strategy
Most of us aren’t lazy but we all procrastinate from time to time. Saying “that’s just the way I am” is simply a lame excuse you shouldn’t use if you value your time and want to achieve anything at all!

Thankfully, you can totally overcome your procrastinating streak and become more productive at home and at work! Continue reading this guide to learn how to avoid procrastination and laziness and stay on track with your goals most of the time… if not all the time!
Read More
4 Simple Tips To Keep Your Laptop Battery Healthily
There are many different beliefs on how you should charge your laptop battery, when you should charge it, or even where you should charge it. A laptop battery is not going to last you forever; we all know that. However, there are some things you can do to ensure a longer, healthier battery.
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Eat Well, Cope Well (Podcast)

Listen to MMI Mental Health: Crises and Pandemics, entitled "Eat well, Cope well”. The speaker is Ms Ceymone Ng. She will be sharing her expertise regarding nutrition during the Movement Control Order (MCO) and how to mitigate any negative aspects of our diet. Ms Ceymone is currently a dietician who works at Nutrafit. She is a graduate of International Medical University (IMU).

Listen here

London School of Sales

Learn the essential sales skills, management, and leadership techniques that will transform the way you sell. These microlearning modules comprise clear learning objectives, summary videos, real-life discovery demos, guided self-reflection, top tips to maximise your learning potential, and more!

To find out more about London School of Sales Proramme, go to LSOS microsite or email your interest and inquiries to

MII Microlearning Modules

To encourage continuous learning and professional development, we have designed microlearning modules to promote on-demand learning through bite-sized Online Learning Content (OLC). You can now allocate a fraction of your time in your busy schedule to learn something new every day.

To subscribe to MII Microlearning Modules, go to MII iLMS.

If you need a guide on how to subscribe to MII Microlearning, watch this video: Microlearning Subscription.

To find out more about MII Microlearning Module, go to MII Website or email your interest and inquiries to

New e-Learning Product Launching Soon!

e-MACC Section 17A

Online Learning Content (OLC) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2019 (MACC ACT) Section 17A is soon will be available for subscription.

This module is designed to give you a solid understanding of the various concepts of bribery, corruption, and gratification in the Malaysian and insurance context. You will also learn about corporate liability provisions and types of offences and penalties provided by Section 17A.

Visit and MII’s social media for our offering and the announcement on the MII’s e-MACC Section 17A launching.

MII Online Learning Content (OLC)
Customer Experience Survey

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A million thanks to all our e-Learning subscribers! For continuous improvement of our e-Learning products and services, we actively collect feedback to improve our content development and provide our subscribers with the best possible learning experience. Just click HERE to complete this quick and simple survey.

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All MII Examinations are now conducted online

As the industry’s preferred examination facilitator and in efforts to cater to the current needs of our customers locally and internationally, MII conducts all its examinations fully online via two modes:

Computer-Based Examination (CBE)
CBE sessions are conducted at selected computer lab facilities throughout West Malaysia and East Malaysia. At these facilities, candidates can sit for examinations without having to worry about technical requirements and connectivity. The facilities are well-equipped with computers and an integrated exam system to ensure seamless and stress-free experience for all candidates. For the full listing on our CBE Centres, click HERE.

Virtual Computer-Based Examination (VCBE)

VCBE sessions are conducted online using video technology on digital platforms with remote live invigilation. The VCBE is a convenient and a safe option for those who wish to sit for examinations at the comforts of their home. For more details on VCBE requirements, guides and how to register, click on this LINK.

Additional 100 VCBE seats daily is now available!

MII is now offering 2 additional VCBE sessions apart from the current 4 VCBE sessions daily. These 2 additional sessions are to facilitate the individual candidates to sit their exam at the earliest date.

The sessions are at 10.00 am and 2.30 pm. This is a self-registration via MII ILMS portal at on first-come first serve basis and the closing date for the registration is 3 working days before the commencement of the examination

Issue 55 is now available!
Defining the Workplace Culture

What organizational culture does is that it creates the cohesion between people, jobs, and the workplace through common beliefs, strengthens organizational values and ultimately improves organizational operations. In these challenging times, it is important to remind ourselves to relook at our organization’s culture and how to promote positivity to improve talent acquisition and retention, increase employee engagement and lead to better business performance.

Specially for all our Newsweekly readers, here’s a FREE & FULL article from Issue 55 titled "Investing in the Culture of Ownership" for your reading pleasure!

Complimentary access to the full Issue is now available at for all MII Members.

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