Past Webinar 2020

#LearningNeverStops Webinar Series comprise of curated webinar sessions conducted and supported by MII as well as other industry experts, selected on its relevance to the industry in current situations and knowledge for a better future.
The talk is about how to take advantage of a new platform mergers and and it's opportunity for Insurers .
Tiktok: Chance of a Lifetime for Insurers
Robin Kiera
1 December 2020, Tuesday
Insurers, Social Media, Technical
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This webinar discussed on the risks and challenges for the successful design and construction of hydropower tunnels.
Hydropower Tunnel Failures - Risks and Causes
Dean Brox
6 October 2020, Tuesday
Hydropower, Tunnel Failure, Technical, Technical Assessment
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This webinar discussed on the FCA test case in more detail and its potential broader impact.
UK’s Financial Conduct Authority Test Case: Potential Impact in Malaysia
James P. David, Nicholas Sykes
21 October 2020, Wednesday
Technical, Pandemic, FCA, Test Case
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This presentation looks at the impact of rate rises globally, and how they compare via the latest International Association of Engineering Insurers (IMIA) dedicated rating and loss ratio indices for Engineering Insurance covers.
Global Market Stats & Benchmarking 2020 – APAC Version
Simon Dejung
28 October 2020, Wednesday
Insurance Market Trends, Technical, Loss Ratio
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This briefing session on joint certification programs between MII and International Compliance Association in Regulatory Compliance for the insurance industry.
Free Registration To MII And ICA Regulatory Compliance Qualification Online Briefing
Helen Langton
4 September 2020, Friday
Compliance, Certification Program
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This session discussed on some tips that business can practice to gain empathy with customers and innovating tools to improve your business performance.
Leading to Deliver Delightful Insurance Customer Journeys in Next Normal
Christoffer Erichsen
8 September 2020, Tuesday
Customer Journey, Innovation, Leadership, Transformational
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This webinar shared invaluable insight and experiences on innovations by insurance companies and end-to-end digitalization of agency channel.
Challenges and Solutions for Agency Channel in a Digital Era
Ajit Rochlani
5 August 2020, Wednesday
Innovation, Financial Advice, Digitalization
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This webinar looks into the most commonly adopted international standards for lightning protection, the important processes and documentation requirement from design to installation.
Mitigating Lightning and Surge Damages to Solar and Wind Farms by Adopting International Standards
Darren Poh
27 August 2020, Thursday
Lightning Protection System, Solar, Wind Farms, Claims
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JULY 2020
This session will give you an overview of the workshop which aims to elevate, grow and sustain the general and life insurance industry of Malaysia into the future.
Re-coding the Future Insurer
Zohrab A.S Chong, Andrew Lau, Michelle Lim, Mukesh Pilania
22 July 2020, Wednesday
Digital Transformation, Future Skills
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This webinar discussed the impact of the pandemic and the global economic downturn on underwriting and claims.
Pandemic Impact on Directors Officers (D&O) Insurance Underwriting and Claims
Kevin LaCroix, Roy Sharma
24 July 2020, Friday
Pandemic, D&O, Underwriting, Claims
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This webinar will cover some of the latest findings, including what are people dying from and some unique perspectives on protective measures.
COVID-19 – What is it and What is its Impact on Mortality?
Allen M. Klien
29 July 2020, Wednesday
COVID-19, Mortality, Morbidity
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JUNE 2020
This session discussed the evolution of marine insurance and how the shipping industry has been impacted by the various technological advancement as well as the current pandemic, COVID19.
Pandemic and the Marine Cargo Business
LM Ismail Mohamed
3 June 2020, Wednesday
Marine, Cargo, Technology, Pandemic
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This webinar will cover some of the latest findings, including what are people dying from and some unique perspectives on protective measures.
Sometimes Attack Is Your Best Fraud Defence Strategy The Insurance Industry’s 5 Rings of Fraud Protection!
Rudolf Frei
4 June 2020, Thursday
Fraud, Non Life Insurance, Claims
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In this webinar session, will be sharing and discussing on the Pandemic’s impact to our insurance industry and what is to be expected in the next normal that we should prepare for.
Preparing for the Post Pandemic World
Lau Chin Ching, Antony Lee, Mark O’Dell, Marcel Omar Papp, James Beedle
9 June 2020, Tuesday
Pandemic, Next Normal, Insurance Industry
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This event draws on the experience of industry experts to provide insights on various of interest and common challenges faced by insurance professionals in the power sector.
Rating Structure For Private Motor Insurance
Fabrice Berjot
10 June 2020, Wednesday
Motor Insurance, Detariffication
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This webinar will share more about the underwriting challenges and the common claims that companies seek during this extraordinary time.
COVID-19: Trending Claims And Underwriting Issues
Nicholas Sykes, James P. David
24 June 2020, Wednesday
Pandemic, Claims, Underwriting
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MAY 2020
COVID19 – Why experience matters? Revisiting the reactions and emotions of fellow Malaysians
COVID19: Future-proofing Your Business with Customer Centricity
MC Lai, Allan Cheong, Azhari Mohd Taib
8 May 2020, Friday
Pandemic, Customer Experience, leadership
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This session will challenge your current mindset and attitude and will get you thinking about your everyday role in a different way, opening you up to new experiences and learning opportunities. Ultimately, it builds self-awareness.
Leading With A Growth Mindset
Sharma Kumari
12 May 2020, Tuesday
Leaders, Mindset, Attitude, learning
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A 30-min informative and sharing session on highlights of this engineering class policy about the slope collapse along the highways at Bukit Lanjan, Gua Tempurung and Genting Sempah.
Civil Engineering Completed Risk (CECR) Policy - What Do You Know About This Insurance Product?
Ir Pooba Mahalingam
13 May 2020, Wednesday
CECR, Risk, Engineering
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This session will open the door to you becoming the coach you need to be in these changing times. We’ll define what that is as well as provide you with an approach and framework to make it happen.
Coaching Your Remote Team
Faz Kamaruddin
14 May 2020, Thursday
Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring
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This session covers the practical skills you need to achieve this and offers the opportunity for you to begin working on your personal strategy for dealing with change.
Thriving Through Change
Hanie Razaif-Bohlender
18 May 2020, Monday
Transformation, Change, Mindset
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This session will explore all aspects of communication, including the number 1 challenge leaders most face globally: having difficult conversations!
Communicating For Success
Hanie Razaif-Bohlender
19 May 2020, Tuesday
Communication, Feedback, Engagement
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APR 2020
Technology has transformed the way people work. Leaders can resolidify their teams by developing a robust Workforce Augmented Strategy to adjust their leadership behaviour, embrace digital workforce platforms and deepen their engagement with digitally enabled workers.
Bridge The Human-Digital Divide
Sharala Axryd
20 April 2020, Monday
2.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m.(MY Time) Timezone Converter
Data Literacy, Leadership, Digital Workforce
1 CPD Point
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Unprecedented global pandemic, disrupting life and economies around the globe. What are we learning and how do we navigate to drive business opportunities?
COVID19: Identifying Hidden Opportunities and Navigating Our Business Given the New Normal
MC Lai, Kamaruld Salleh, Hoo See Kong
22 April 2020, Wednesday
New Normal, Business Opportunites
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The age of digital transformation is unstoppable. Being ready for change means staying ahead of the curve and to achieve this, leaders have to benchmark organization data maturity level against best practices to identify key strategic initiatives towards becoming a Data Driven Organization.
Actualize Data Driven Success Through Alignment
Chari TVT
24 April 2020, Friday
Digital Transformation, Data Driven Organization
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In a webinar presented Dr Stamatis Kourtis will guide leaders to overcome present-day disruptions and beyond through forward-thinking approaches in workforce remodelling, data literacy and talent acquisition.
Define A Way Forward – Futureproof for Sustainability
Dr Stamatis Kourtis
27 April 2020, Monday
Disruption, Innovation, Sustainability
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This webinar will showcase how Global Insurance majors are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Analytics to drive forward their Digital Transformation journeys.
AI Led Innovation at Scale: How Digital Insurers are Leading the Way
Dato’ Tharuma Rajah, Anirban Chaudry
28 April 2020, Tuesday
Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Digital Transformation
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