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Key learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to :

• Trainee will be able to look, understand & contributing in CRM effectiveness in newly bigger scope, globally.
• Trainee will be able to realize the impact of good practises of CRM to the nation (organization, people & countries)
• Trainee will be able understand the needs of change (idea, practical & way of life) to sustain & to excel in newly global scenario.
• Trainee will be able to realize the existence of CRM in our daily life’s activities & business process and excel with it.
• Trainee will be able to feels CRM powers’ @ capabilities, necessity and benefits in rectifying all their data processing and problem solving.
• Trainee will be able to calculate the KPI, an output impact of CRM effective implementation towards organization goals, staff & agent performance/sales & insured feedback.
• Trainee will be able to learn past 20 years practices & challenges in insurance companies and CRM contributions in today highly comparative life insurance industry
• Trainee will be able to exercise the theories and concepts into practices

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