Assessing Inpatient Billings - To Pay or Not To Pay (HEART DISEASES)

A lot of detective work need to be done in order to track down all the items or services that the hospitals actually performed or not necessarily needed by the patients. It can be frustrating, even aggravating, to deal with a hospital billing especially if you are not skilful in detecting such errors.

This one day program guides you on how to vigilantly review the bills and challenge the hospitals on their charges on unnecessary items or services. This program comes in 3 series with specific review on itemised bills for heart diseases , respiratory and digestive diseases. 

Key learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to :

• Assess itemised hospital bills based on the diagnosis of the diseases.
•Match the correct procedures stated in the billing with the treatment of the diseases.
•Detect irrelevant items in the hospital billing.