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e-Certificate of the Malaysian Insurance Institute (e-CMII) - General

The Certificate of Malaysian Insurance Institute (CMII) is known to provide the foundation knowledge, skills and competencies needed for staff to perform their roles professionally and effectively. It is currently under the Professional Programme category and is conducted in a traditional classroom environment.

To meet the needs and demands of self-study learners and distance learners, as well as to continuously encourage insurance staff and agents to embark on professional certifications, MII has converted the traditional classroom sessions into e-CMII. Through this online version, learners can subscribe and view past classroom video recordings of CMII. The video recordings are filtered and shortened into video clips, by chapters and topics to complement the CMII textbook (also known as Insurance Principles & Market Practice - IPMP).

e-CMII is hosted on MII’s iLMS and is accessible online, anytime and anywhere.

e-CMII Products

e-CMII with Examination
• Includes IPMP interactive e-book and examination
e-CMII for Revision (without Examination)
• Includes e-content (videos) only

Who Should Register
Malaysians and international students who would like to obtain professional certifications in Insurance studies.


Benefits of e-CMII

1. Lower fee
2. Work-Life balance
3. Learn at preferred time and space
4. Lower cost (reduced travelling expenses)
5. Suitable for distance learners, self study learners and working adults
6. Learners who enrol in e-CMII with Examination and successfully passes the CMII Examination will join the list of CMII graduates.


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